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Arena Polycarbonite Female Challenge Back

rating star Kind of a fan of Arena suits

By Swim mom from Western North Carolina on 1/18/2018 5:13:33 AM

Size: TRUE

The colors are great, really cute combo in this suit (Kelly green/blue). I like the way Arena suits fit and hold up! Swim 2-3 times a week about 4K yards each swim.

This is my 3rd Arena suit! Only 4 stars because I am not a big fan of the double layers in the suit. On a previous double layered suit the inside layer eventually faded and stretched a “little” differently than the outside layer. The suit was still very wearable and supportive but I just don’t like the 2 layers as much for that reason and the faded interior color just made it “seem” old and in need of replacing even tho the suit still had good support and shape in general. I also have asingle layer suit (Arena waternity) with no color fade at all and still very supportive.

Overall I find these suits hold up really well, keep their shape and support and I don’t have to buy new suits very often. I think they are a good value and well built suit. I take a 34 in a Arena suits. I am 5’4” and 145 lbs.

Arena Women's Limited Edition Powerskin Carbon Flex VX Open Back Tech Suit Swimsuit

rating star Great Arena Suit!

By MelissaK from Dallas on 1/17/2018 8:19:42 AM

Size: TRUE

We love Arena tech suits. The first day in this was hard to get on (normal) but it loosened little by little (but not enough to be ineffective) by the second day and third (three day prelim/finals meet with warm downs between races, etc.). I think it’s true to size for all Arena tech suits in the past. My daughter is 5’7, 130 lbs and wears 24. She could wear 22 if she had the patience that first day to deal with the extra tightness. I also like that the armpit seams don’t get baggy like the Arena Carbon Ultra.

Arena Space Brief Swimsuit

rating star Bullet proof swim brief!

By Loves to Swim! from USA on 1/14/2018 5:55:36 PM

Size: TRUE

I give this one an A+. This is one rock-solid swim brief. I’ve worn briefs for decades but this one is built to last and it looks amazing. I’m nuts about swimming and own several Arena briefs in nylon spandex, poly spandex and PBT. For me, they all fit perfectly in size 34 and I like them appropriately snug. This one is cut similarly to the others but it tends to sit a tad lower as it is designed for water polo. Nonetheless, it feels incredibly secure both in and out of the water. Normally, I swim laps at indoor and outdoor pools. I reserve PBT suits for the more highly-chlorinated indoor setting. However, I’m more than confident that this one will be fine there while also being secure enough to let me wear it while tackling ocean waves. The seams all appear to be reinforced throughout and the sides have an extra diagonal reinforcement that I have not seen in other suits by any manufacturer. The center line seam that outlines the back is created in the same thorough way. Don’t worry, it’s not made to show off your “assets,” but rather to stay properly functional and form-fitting. It just means business and probably will help your swimming streamline. The vertical side seam measures 2 ¾ inch. However, if you measure slightly ahead of that seam, the sides are actually 2 ½ inches (in size 34). People often make the mistake of measuring the actual side seam on briefs. On many swim briefs, the narrowest part is actually offset from this area. Keep making the sides of your briefs reasonably narrow, Arena! 2 -2 ¾ inches is more than enough in a swim brief. If your customers want wider sides, sell them your jammers. Since I was a child, I’ve loved red swim briefs in addition to prints and other decent solid colors. Finally, someone makes a nice masculine, solid red that is perfect fitting , great looking, NOT see through and built to last. Unlike with most red suits of this genre, there’s no need to keep an “undersuit” on to make sure everyone behind you doesn’t get a totally clear picture of every hair on your derriere. The “Waternity” PBT fabric comprising this exceptionally well crafted garment is like no other I’ve encountered. Many lower priced briefs made of this material feel scratchy and even cheap even though they typically last much longer than nylon spandex suits. This PBT feels wonderfully soft yet it appears to wear like Kevlar. If it holds up reasonably well to my local indoor chlorine and doesn’t fade to pink, I’ll buy another one in Royal Blue. Thanks again Swim Outlet and Arena!

Arena Girls' Limited Edition Powerskin ST 2.0 Open Back Tech Suit Swimsuit

rating star Arena Girls Limited edition Tech suit

By Lily from Negros Occidental on 1/12/2018 2:46:28 PM

Size: TRUE

So great! Fits perfectly. I love it

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Since 1973, Arena™ has been a global influence and leader in competitive swimwear and accessories. Used by international top athletes and the official swim teams of UCSD, UC Berkeley, and Cal Poly, Arena swimwear is as synonymous with water as it is to swimming. Arena boasts a number of streamline, comfortable, and durable swimsuits that are perfect for competitive swimming and races.

By investing in innovation and researching fabrics and textiles, Arena is continuously discovering and utilizing unique technologies. Their high-tech patented Powerskin™ fabric claims to be the lightest fabric in production, weighing only 125 grams per square meter, while their stitchless seams keep mobility at its highest and reduces drag.

With offices populating Europe, Asia and the US, Arena is making waves worldwide with their quality line of goggles, training equipment and competitive swimwear. Whatever your swim needs, Arena has you covered with their jammers, one pieces, and neck-to-knee suits.